Montreal Wedding Videographers

Capture every cherished moment of your love story with our directory of Montreal wedding videographers. Whether you envision a documentary-style, cinematic masterpiece, traditional coverage, storytelling flair, or vintage charm, our list of Montreal videographers caters to diverse preferences. Explore their portfolios to get a feel for each style, allowing you to find a wedding video style you’ll love. From comprehensive packages to customizable options, Montreal videographers offer flexible pricing structures, enabling you to tailor their package to suit your needs. With options for additional services, extra time, or specialized editing, you’ll have the freedom to personalize your wedding video experience. Click on Info & Pricing to instantly forward your video enquiries or LOG IN or SIGN UP to favourite the videographers you like and track their info with our FREE WEDDING MANAGER ACCOUNT!

Beau à voir

Wedding Videographers
Montréal, QC
Promo Offer -5%

They specialize in the art of capturing love through their expert wedding videography services at Beau à Voir in Montreal. With a passion for the craft, their mission is to encapsulate the raw emotions and authenticity of your wedding day, transforming fleeting moments into cherished memories that last a lifetime. Video Approach Their focus centers on the intimate and heartfelt instances that define your wedding journey – from stolen glances to spontaneous laughter and tears of joy. The approach at Beau à Voir in Montreal goes beyond mere snapshots; they weave a narrative of love through videography, telling your unique […]

Manzoni FIlms

Wedding Videographers
Montréal, QC
$4001.00 to over $5000.00 Promo Offer -10%

At Manzoni Films, we are not just wedding videographers; we are artisans of amore, sculpting love stories into visual masterpieces. Our deep understanding of video production, photography, and audiovisual nuances coalesce with a passion for narrative and artistic expression, crafting memories that defy the passage of time. In each frame, our Italian romantic flair breathes life, capturing moments that echo the beauty of a classic opera. Our expertise extends into three distinct offerings, each tailored to celebrate your love story in its unique rhythm. The ‘Music Video‘ package transforms your love story into a melodious visual symphony, where every glance […]

Just Married

Wedding Videographers
Laval, QC
$1501.00 to $4000.00

Welcome to JustMarried! We are a passionate team of storytellers who specialize in blending the timeless elegance of classical photography and videography with the vibrant energy of modern candid moments. Your love story is unique, and our mission is to capture it in a way that resonates with your personalities and style. Based in Montréal, Justin (a.k.a Jay CS) is well-known for capturing candid moments and telling a story through these beautiful moments. He’s also known for his professionalism & service.  Bienvenue à JustMarried ! Nous sommes une équipe passionnée de créateurs d’histoires qui se spécialisent dans le mélange de […]