A Montreal Love Story
With A Modern Twist


 Adrianna and Marco’s Montreal love story began when they met as children.

Everyone thought it was sweet what good friends they were and how well they got along. Even then they had a lot in common, it seems: both of their parents were born in the same small village in Italy. But the course of true love was disrupted when as teenagers they lost touch. And then—they reconnected as young adults! Inseparable ever since, the decision to spend the rest of their lives together was an easy one.

The couple wanted a wedding as romantic as their Montreal love story. It was important to create just the right ambience.
“We wanted an effect of lightness, but also warmth and elegance,” said Adrianna.  “So we chose a soft white
colour scheme accented with gold—and lots of candles.” The decorations gleamed under the crystal
chandeliers overhead, adding to the romance and making the occasion that much more special for their
family and 420 guests.

The chefs at Plaza Volare created a feast as magnificent as the surroundings. Not only was there great variety, but everything was orchestrated to appeal to the senses.

“The food never stopped coming!” exclaimed Marco. “Oysters, sushi, seafood, caviar – and the champagne never stopped flowing, either.” Their guests enjoyed cocktails in a special area set up in two canopy tents before being treated to a multitude of Italian delicacies. Among the main dishes were seafood risotto and tomahawk steaks, with a refreshing homemade basil granita.

The wedding meal concluded with special Nutella-filled gnocchi crafted by the chefs.  And later, of course, there were tables laid out full of tantalizing desserts. A sweetly fitting end to Adrianna and Marco’s special day, which all who attended said was simply: “Unforgettable!”


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