A Simply Magical Wedding


From the moment they met, Korina and Patrick felt the magic. And, of course, this meant their wedding day was destined to be nothing short of enchanted! The imposing grandeur of Mary Queen of the World Cathedral served as the setting for the ceremony. Korina and Patrick held hands throughout, whispering jokes to one another to help stay calm, knowing that this was meant to be.  The celebration of their love continued at the World Trade Centre Montreal in Old Montreal, which the couple selected primarily for the magnificent glass roof. “We really wanted to have an outdoor wedding,” said the bride, “but didn’t want to take a chance with the weather.” Korina drew inspiration from the location’s historical elements for the wedding decor. The imposing 200-square-metre black granite reflecting pool was set off by fuchsia-and-pink floral arrangements of varying heights placed nearby.

“I wanted the decor to pop,”said the bride.” 

The entertainment continued into the wee hours, with music from the renowned Fadi Kod, Beirut’s “King of Drums” and a special rendition of Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” sung by Patrick’s niece Kayla.  “We celebrated under the stars with everyone we love, and it was a simply magical wedding,” said the bride.


TUXEDOS: Waxman 


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From the very moment they met, Korina and Patrick felt the magic. And, of course, this meant their...
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