Country Fall Wedding


Our Favourite Wedding Colour is Autumn

The countryside nuptials of product manager Catherine and computer engineer Gabriel, both 26, took place in a rustic wood lodge nestled in a secluded forest overlooking beautiful Lake Taureau.

“We wanted an autumn wedding, which to us is a season about fresh starts, confidence and invigorating energy to face new challenges,”

Catherine said. “I think that’s exactly the spirit you need when you start this new chapter of life together.”

On their wedding day, Catherine was filled with confidence and pure happiness. “I was not at all stressed,” said Catherine. “There are so many uncertainties in life, but there was no doubt in my mind about my choice to marry Gabriel and spend the rest of my life with him.” The couple’s wedding included many personalized items, such as distinctive cufflinks for each groomsman and a dessert table that included a traditional family cake made by Gabriel’s grandmother. To make their wedding even more personal, one of the groomsmen composed a song just for Catherine and Gabriel. And much to their delight, he performed it for them at the wedding. The couple’s only regret was that the day
passed by much too quickly!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Bonnallie Brodeur

RECEPTION: Auberge du Lac Taureau 

DRESS & ACCESSORIES:  Dream It Yourself

WEDDING CAKE: Auberge du Lac Taureau 


“We wanted an autumn wedding, which to us is a season about fresh starts, confidence and ...
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