Beach Wedding Theme in Montreal


Misleading First Impressions

Groom – “What a shy girl. I should talk to her.”
Bride – “What a playboy. He keeps talking to me.”

Tina and Wesley joined a dragon boat team as part of a fundraising event. They were both new to the team and Wesley decided to help break the ice with Tina – and that’s when the sparks ignited. Their first date, though, was more of a family affair. Wesley joined Tina’s family in New York where they were helping Tina’s sister with a move back to Montreal. While in New York, Wesley and Tina took in the sights, including the Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, and the Staten Island boardwalk where Wesley finally gathered up enough courage to make his move. He held Tina’s hand as they walked along the beach together in the moonlight.

The wedding proposal did not go as smoothly. Wesley had painted the words “Will you marry me?” on a wall of their new condo. As Tina walked into the room, Wesley sprang from the closet and went down on one knee. Unfortunately, Tina had not seen the wall message. Wesley, still kneeling, had to point at the wall before Tina caught on to what was happening. They still laugh about this today! Today, Tina and Wesley are a team. They complement each other in everything they undertake. “Our first date inspired our travel beach wedding theme in Montreal ,” said Tina, “from the tables to the boutonnieres—even the chocolate favours at the sweet table were decorated in turquoise with coral and seashell motifs.”

Cake: Four-tier custom cake with chocolate seashells and edible sand | Centrepieces: Three cylindrical vases with submerged coral mokara orchids and floating 3” candle under a glass mirror , surrounded by turquoise and blue glass beads and seashells. | Boutonnieres: Peach calla lily with coral mokara orchid and a small starfish, stems braided with cream ribbon.

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Groom - “What a shy girl. I should talk to her.” Bride - “What a playboy. He keeps talking to me.”
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